Is a CAC Login for AKO AKO/DKO a must?

With the move to make the portal a more securely-connected environment using the Common Access Cards (CAC), many of our users have experienced some frustration with the AKO/DKO’s mandatory adoption of CAC authenticated logins.


Reduced amount of CAC Logins

The first thing we want our users to be aware of is that we have reduced the amount of times you are truly required to access AKO/DKO with your CAC.  From what AKO/DKO requires, you need to log in using your CAC only once every 150 days (five months) to change your password, and any time you need to approve guest accounts (which may be 180 days for standard accounts, and up to 365 days for verified accounts).


Individual content providers within AKO/DKO may restrict their content to CAC authenticated logins; however these content providers should be aware of the ability their potential users have for CAC login.


Separated from the Service

Users who separate from the service, such as through Retirement, discharge, or IRR status will not be required to use CAC to change their AKO/DKO password or manage guest accounts.  Status indicating a separation may take up to 6 weeks to reach AKO/DKO’s database.  If your password does expire before you status is updated, then you can use the ‘Reset Password’ link to reset your password temporarily until your account type changes.  If any guest accounts that you sponsor expire during this time, you may need to wait until your status changes before you can manage the accounts.

The AKO/DKO help desk recommends that you change your password and manage guest accounts prior to any status change, to prevent any issues arising from the delay of records change within the system.


CAC Use at Home

CAC use at home with AKO/DKO is completely optional, but for our users that want the safety and convenience of accessing AKO/DKO using their CAC at home, the AKO/DKO CAC Resource Center page was created.  This page has all the information you need to get your computer ready for CAC access, including recommendations on CAC hardware, and necessary CAC middleware: ActivClient.


The link for the AKO/DKO CAC Reference Center: